Just one more hour…

There are a million things I could think of that I would do with an extra hour in my day.  I could (should) do homework, maybe finally scrub the kitchen floor, start making birthday goodies for my kid’s party this weekend… The possibilities are endless. I could (should) organize our budget a little better, clear some snow in our backyard, maybe squeeze in a little workout, make a shopping list, or I could even plan out the perfect meal plan for the next week! How nice it would be to know what we are making for supper ahead of time AND have all the ingredients at hand!

I could call my mom and chat for while. That would be nice or spend a few extra minutes with each individual kid, maybe teach them how to work the laundry machine in that hour. I could seriously go on and on with ideas on how I could (should) use an extra hour but if I got to choose how I would use that extra time, I would simply choose sleep. A deep, beautiful heavenly extra hour of sleep.


Our Mile High City Adventures

If you’re anything like me, you don’t go to a place like Colorado to check out their enormous shopping centers or haunted hotels, which seems to be too many of those if you ask me…

We recently road tripped to Denver to visit family and although I had heard amazing things about the mile high city, I was impressed. It’s a beautiful city and I’m not a big fan of the hectic city life. It is the perfect place to go visit. Notice I said, VISIT.  It might’ve had something to do with our loved ones who we were so happy to see but there is also such a laid back vibe everywhere you go. It’s nothing like when we visit family in Portland or California. That vibe seems so serious, strange, not friendly, and a little paranoid. I guess we didn’t go out of our way to find the bad part of town in Denver either though.IMG_20171121_125846053_HDR

The city lights at night were breathtaking. The entertainment was amazing, and the dispensaries, super legit. My absolute favorite was the mountains. We hiked three trails in three different state parks with our kids and it is one of the best experiences we’ve had as a family. Some days were beautiful and sunny and other were beautiful and rainy. We hiked as high as we could and soaked in every amazing scene.


It’s a place I will never forget and will probably return to. A little bit of everything but more of what we enjoy. We loved the whole experience.

Small town, where have you been all my life??

I grew up in different major cities in the west coast. I lived in San Fernando Valley, Palmdale, and Lancaster CA for the first years of my childhood. We moved to Portland OR just as I was starting middle school and this is where I really planted my seed. Oregon is a beautiful state. Seaside was my favorite place to visit. I left Oregon for a while to live in Oklahoma city for a bit and then went up to Fargo ND.

As I got older, more independent and payed more attention to my surroundings, I left my fantasy world and learned how crazy things get in the city. Any city. Yea, there is always the nice part of town and the “don’t go there after dark”, or don’t go there at all”, part of town. It doesn’t matter to me what city I am in or which part. My five senses kick in like it’s a super power and I have eyes in the back of my head.

Some might say I’m a little paranoid and maybe I am but the bigger the crowd, the more likely there is to be some messed up event. I have seen it, lived it, ran from it, and it makes you very aware of your surroundings.

I have to admit when I first made the move to a tiny town in MN, I was nervous that I would dislike it very much. I wanted to be close to my parents, however so I did and I never looked back. Friends and family would say that it would be just such a culture shock and oh my gosh, what is there to do there?? I always answer, “You know, it’s really not hard to get used to the peacefulness of a place like that.” It really isn’t. Not to mention it is the perfect place to raise a family!

That’s not to say good people don’t exist outside of small towns. I know so many great people, some who are raising wonderful children in every single city I lived in or visited. Great people, living in great neighborhoods, who work hard for what they have. Yet sadly, the population in these areas consist of the forgotten one who lost their way and turned to drugs or violence, and the hard working people, in the great neighborhoods, who are targeted by the craziness of drugs and violence.

You could say I’ve only lived a little short while and haven’t seen what else the world has to offer and this could very well be true. Maybe my opinion is based on such little experience but I don’t care much to find out if that is true.




Being at peace with the oddness of us

Most of the time I feel content with who I am and what our family life is like. We are not like most. I work with kids the same age as my children through a church group. I listen and know what is going on with my children’s lives and their peers too. My mind has been blown. I’m not here to judge others or say my way is right, but if we’re being honest, the proof lies in my children.

Some times I do tend t feel out of place or maybe left out. Not so much for myself because I’m not so much of a people person, but for my kids. Our way of living has nothing in common with the way their friends live. It’s difficult for me to let them spend too much time with other families when I know they are allowed to play online until 1 or 2 in the morning, or stare at their screens, watching whatever dumb show or music video is popular. I don’t believe a 5 or even 11 year old needs a smart phone for anything. Times have changed and although I feel the need to hang on to the belief that the world is mostly good, I have seen some way out there behaviors become normalized in today’s families. Families are broken apart, parents don’t have time to be interested in their kid’s lives, cell phone screens have taken over family time. We can see the results of the changes in society through past generations. Not everything is negative, hopefully not even mostly everything but I am a little scared to see what our future holds with the way families are changing.

I try my best to make sure my children don’t fall into that ugly cycle of caring too much about what others think, not being themselves, losing themselves to the media and online world. Let me tell you, it’s not easy. Our society makes it so very hard but I will work extra, extra hard until the day I die to make sure my kids grow up with open minds, strong attitudes, loving hearts, common sense, self love and respect, and respect for our mother earth. Because if they don’t grow up to be this way, who else is going to make a difference? I see everyone’s eye roll when I speak about my thoughts. Like “who do you think you are not sticking to small talk about the weather??” Well, it’s like my father always said “the truth does not hurt, but it may make you uncomfortable”.

It is difficult enough to raise a family today and it does take a lot of extra effort to really be there for your family but if we made that commitment… we owe it to them and to the world to work our asses off.



My people are my inspiration

I can never quite remember thinking about my future when I was younger. I guess I knew, after high school, college was probably next. I don’t recall ever making any life plans or making my future a priority. It sounds lame because it really was. Then again, I didn’t have plans to become a mother and have a family either so it wasn’t a big deal to not have my thoughts together.

It’s crazy to think that back then I didn’t feel inspired or motivated. Comparing myself to who I am now to who I was back then, I’m the same person but with a different view on pretty much everything.  The day I found out I was going to be a mom I wanted to change everything for the better and become the greatest I could be right then and there. It doesn’t happen that easy though. It has taken years for me to find the best in me. Every good and great thing I do, I do it for my people. My family. They inspire me to be better for myself and for them. I want them to see in me the kind of person that I want them to grow up to be so I’ll be damned if  I don’t shoot for being and doing the greatest I can.

You want to lose yourself? Feel the bass..

You know how certain smells take you back to a certain memory or time in your life? Sometimes memories you didn’t know were there until you’ve come across that scent again. It brings you back to the exact state of mind you were in, in this all of a sudden vivid memory. Almost like you traveled back in time.

This is what music does to me. In every good way one could imagine. when I was younger in my awkward stage, I had a huge collection of cds. My choice of music then included r&b, hip hop, pop, rap, some rock and roll, techno, and Latin music. As far as I can remember, music has always been there for me.

madeworn-the-doors-header it wasn’t until my late teens that I started listening to some of what are now my all time favorite bands. I remember the first time I listened to a Nirvana song since I moved out of my parent’s house. I think I was 19. I suppose it wasn’t the greatest time in my life so hearing this familiar tune had me feeling all kinds of good emotions. And I liked that for a change. You see I grew up spending a lot of my childhood  hanging out at my parent’s work place where they had music playing ALL. DAY. LONG. A short list of my dad’s collections that I specifically remember included the Doors, Pink Floyd, Blondie, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Tool, Janis Joplin, Stevie Knicks, and El Tri, a Mexican rock band. My mom on the other hand preferred the Beetles, John Lennon albums, Queen, the King (Micheal Jackson), Creedence, and I believe ABBA too.

I believe I enjoyed this music back when I was little and just didn’t realize it. I always just thought of it as background noise. The memories it brings back just make it 100 times better now. I know it’s all a little old school but I’ve found that I prefer old school over what ever society is doing now, with many things, not just music. One of my happiest places is with my old school playlist.


One of the number one bands on my playlist is from back in the day and they are still making amazing  music today. Metallica. It never gets old, it’s never too much and there is a good song for any and all occasions. This is my first choice of music. I listen to quite a bit of  rap, but mostly under ground. I can’t believe some of the stuff they play on today’s “hottest music” station.  Maybe it’s weird, but I have had to ban some music from our home  that my kids come home with. That is how strongly I feel about it! It’s not all bad, but most of it is.

Don’t get me wrong, there is new music that I will have on repeat forever. Shinedown, FFDP, Godsmack, In This Moment, and anything else in that criteria. It’s a long list.. you all get the idea though.


I can’t forget to mention the Latin dance music. There’s a few songs I’ll bump to while I’m making supper. Probably because I love my Spanish dishes and it all goes so well together and creates an “alegre” mood in my home. meaning happy or super bright… something like that.

I could go on and on about the different tunes I listen to and what they mean to me but with all this music talk, I must go feel the bass…