Social Media in the Marketing World

So, contrary to my belief that social media is kinda pointless… I have come to learn and understand what a valuable tool it can be when used right. I do use social media and keep in touch with loved ones so it was never pointless. I simply did not see the potential in these sites as far as career and business plans.

Social media is an excellent way to advertise products or services and it might be one of the cheapest, but it is also time consuming. So that depends on how much you value your time. It’s a great way for a business to gain followers/customers and I really like that with social media, you can stay in touch with your customers. This is a great way to learn what they like or don’t like, and interact them.

I do see a little more advertising then I would like when looking through my news feed. As a regular user, this can be somewhat annoying but it’s no big deal to scroll past that kind of thing. I have not started up a business page on any social media site as of now but I’m sure I will have a different perspective on how much advertising is appropriate when I do.  I am curious to see how different social media will evolve or is evolving. It was interesting to learn Facebook will be prioritizing stories rather than news or ads in the news feed. Hopefully these sites will still be handy tools for small and big businesses in the future as I am looking forward to using them.


Spring Fever




I think it’s safe to say that at least this year, Spring fever was a real thing. Everyone has been ready for nice weather for weeks now.

Not sure if spring fever is a real scientific thing but I wouldn’t doubt it. I think there is a lot about humans that we don’t fully understand unless we study it specifically. I for one am feeling spring feverish. Everyone in my home has been impatiently waiting for the snow to goooo! Some have even cried about it. I think this is a side affect of Spring fever when spring is here and so is alll that snow. We cry. Now that nice weather is finally peeking, we see a town full of neighbors, playing outside any chance they get. Even our elderly neighbor who wouldn’t go near a bike before went for a bike ride today. The kids are excited, jumping up and down and asking every two minutes if we can go to the park (which is still a big mud pool) or ride the four wheeler. If that’s not spring fever in full effect, I don’t know what is. I do know it will be enjoyed much more when we get rid of the cold slushy mud.


Happy Financial Literacy Month!!!

Do you ever find yourself feeling like there is a big part of adulthood that was never brought up when you were growing up? Not in your home or at school. Maybe when you first tried balancing your checkbook or felt the overwhelming anxiety of managing rent, student loans, car expenses, and groceries? This list doesn’t even cover half of a young adults financial worries. Personal finances is one of the biggest, most important part of our adult lives and yet we don’t hear anything about it until college, maybe late high school. And even then, it’s only an option

We don’t have to pay close attention to notice how money making companies think of the most creative ways to gain consumers. They put the best effort into making credit cards available to anyone, “special offers”, convenient online shopping, ads in every social media site or app teens and young adults are using. We are allowing ourselves to be taught and convinced to spend money, while also not educating ourselves on money management.

Maybe this situation doesn’t affect everyone but it has affected enough of us to put a dent in our way of life, society’s peace of mind, and our economy. Introducing financial literacy in schools and in the home is the best way to improve the situation, the younger the better. This will encourage our students to start planning a healthy financial life early on. Money matters does not have to be a burden to children or adults.

All our childhood and teen years, we are preached and taught about how important an education is in order to be successful. But they missed the most important part, which is money management. What good will it do to graduate with a clear understanding of periodic table of elements, if we are not able to manage a checking account? Year after year we are graduating students into a world full of financial choices without ever teaching them the most basic personal finance skills necessary to make wise and informed financial choices. We can do something now. We must take action now as our financial future and our children’s financial future depends on it.

I hope Spring comes soon…

As the weather gets a little warmer out, I have to be completely honest and say the one thing I’m looking forward to the most is taking a break from school. I’m not quite sure what my schedule will look like this Summer as far as how many classes I will be taking if any but I’m crossing my finger it won’t be too crazy.

Enrolling back into school was always in my plans. I never though for a second it would be too late or just gave up on that goal. I graduated high school in 2008 and enrolled into a college course in 2016, a marriage and four kids later. Continuing my education was and still is one of the most important goals in my life plan. Before I officially started school, there were lots of moments of impatience and feeling the need to do it now. it was frustrating because it just wasn’t the right time for my family and I. We were good and happy but I just have always felt the need to do something more, work towards something better for my family, and set that example for my children. A year and a half into my classes and although I am very proud of how well I’ve done and how hard I’ve worked, I just need a moment to not worry about the next assignment. Just a short moment where I can enjoy some real time with my kids. My three oldest are 11, 11, and 9. They’ll pretty much be “adults” who know everything about everything and much too cool to hang out with me next Summer and this makes me sad. My toddler has grown much closer to his dad and daddy is way cooler over this last year and a half.  Ugh! I stayed home with him for his first three years and we were inseparable! It’s time for me to take a minute and just hug them all and laugh, play, read, swim, bake, craft, be silly, and just not have that thought in the back of my head, “Will I get all my work done this week???”

I’m not taking on full time classes but there’s also the whole being an adult and getting sh*it done… so yea. It’s exhausting. I am really looking forward to one less thing on my list for just a little short while. At this time I am no where near who I want to be or what I want to do with my education or my career but what I am looking forward to more than anything right at this moment is to pause and fully enjoy my family. Just for a moment.


My .30 cent cup, any day, everyday.

I don’t wanna sound like I’m bragging but my husband makes the best coffee. That’s saying a lot considering I am very particular about how my coffee is prepared.

When I was a little girl, my grandma let my brother and I drink coffee every morning and she had a weird way of preparing it. But it was so good! She would boil water with cinnamon sticks. This must have been cinnamon tea?? She would then add one spoonful of instant coffee and sugar. I was like 5 years old I think so this might explain why my morning coffee is a must.  I really just love the smell and the taste first thing in the morning in the comfort of my home.  I could never wait long enough to go out and buy one anyway.

My grandma moved back to Mexico in later years but my dad always made sure he left me a cup when him and my mom went off to work early before I even got up to get ready for school. This was in high school. My dad makes and prepares the best coffee. He is particular about his coffee and just like me, likes it strong and dark 🙂 I can make myself a good cup of coffee but if my dad is around, I ask him to please pour it for me because it just tastes better! I’m really not just being lazy. It really does taste better.

For someone who loves coffee, it’s weird that I’ve never been curious about a fancy $8 cup from a coffee shop. I think a co worker bought me a cup or two a few years ago and it must have been alright but I can’t say I remember. I do remember watching my grandma make it, I remember my parents always leaving just one cup for me, and I remember the very first time my husband brought me a cup to try. He knew I was a little picky and I knew he had payed attention to what I liked before he handed it to me. He is the only other person who knows just how I like my coffee so I might just keep him for a while. 🙂

Seasons seasons

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this Winter weather was a little crazy this year. For a while there, we were worried it wasn’t going to snow at all this year. We waited and waited with our fingers crossed that we would have a white Christmas. We did, kind of, but not like other years. I personally love all seasons. Winter is not my favorite but I like seeing the planet doing what it’s supposed to. If that means snow snow snow, then I’m okay with it. I”m no big fan of cold weather but I love watching snow fall through our picture window. It’s like a beautiful painting. And some of our best memories are at the snow hill in town where the kids love to go sledding, build a snow man, have a snow ball fight. Those are the best.

My favorite seasons are Spring and Summer. I love thunder storms and lightning. I will stand outside and watch everything until it is absolutely not safe to do so. Seeing everything from flowers, plants, baby birds, and other new beautiful baby animals come into the world is amazing. We have a cute little garden that I love to start working on in the Spring. As much as I like Winter, I really think it’s time for snow to go away or at least stick around nicely! This muddy, slushy mess outside is nonsense.

And then there’s Summer. The warm, sun, beautiful days to be outside or  out at the lake. It might get a little too warm some days and it’s probably weird that I like that too. Sitting out in the the sun is something I look forward to all year!

Fall is a beautiful season too. I can’t forget about that! All seasons are beautiful and we forget to appreciate each one.

smart phones, what else is next?!

Smart phones have been around for a while now but I’m old enough to have lived a few years of my adult life without one. I didn’t have one until I was 26. That was only four years ago. Actually, we didn’t have much for technology growing up in our home. My older brother built an older style computer and we used it during our teen years but we never had internet. To be quite honest, I found life to be simpler back then. I know life is possible without a smart phone and it’s a little sad to see younger generations will never know that feeling.

It would be a lie to say smart phones are good for nothing. There are  many handy tools and apps to help manage some of my daily tasks. I remember doing them all without a smartphone too though and still life felt simpler when I didn’t have to worry about staying up to date with constant upgrades and updates. I’ve always said, I prefer old school. I feel like it keeps me in touch with reality. It’s a matter of opinion though. In my opinion, smart phones are handy but they are not necessary. I think that is a good way to look at it. It’s a good balance between using it but not needing it.